Unreleased Classics Remixed

by N.O.I.A.



N.O.I.A. have a strong claim to be one of the first Italian synth outfits. Formed in 1978 by Bruno Magnani and Davide Piatto, the group sought to emulate the machine funk of Kraftwerk, creating a few mini masterpieces along the way. They're now embarking on a reissue program that will see a selection of old tracks come to light again, accompanied by some new special remixes. These songs were written between 1978 and 1982, before the group was able to put out any records and released in their original version in the 2003 by the Detroit label Ersatz Audio.
Prior vinyl version originally released by jamtraxx.bandcamp.com

Early support from: I-Robots, Flemming Dalum,Tim Sweeney, Ivan Smagghe, Franz Scala, Gary Martin, Gene Hunt, Gianni Crucini - Craxi Disco, Justin Robertson, Lino Rodrigues - Alkalino, Marcello Giordani, Mark Evemport, Robert Insinna - Headman, Tim Sweeney, Tokusaburo Inui, Chico Perulli, DJ Nori, Gianluca Pighi, Prudo, Sossa, Luigi Madonna, The-Zone 88.9Fm Radioshow, Andreas Kraemer, Christian Cambas, Flash Brothers, Fra Soler, Mixside, Roberto Clementi, Sam Paganini, Slam, Troy Pierce, Wired Up Radio...


released January 5, 2017

* Ivan Smagghe: great Hacker remix.
* Tim Sweeney: one
* Prudo: super sound for my mind !
* Luigi Madonna: great release, thx
* Justin Robertson: fabulous Hacker remix
* Wired Up Radio: Really like these thanks
* Slam: thanx
* Robert Insinna - Headman: Great originals and killer Hacker mix! Thanks"
* Mark Evemport: for me the hacker rmx"
* Marcello Giordani: The Hacker remix, YES!
* Lino Rodrigues - Alkalino: I have it on vinyl, their originals. will play them digitally.thks
* Gary Martin: Very cool stuff thanks! And the Hard Ton remix is sick.
* Chico Perulli: ;-)
* Andreas Kraemer: THANKS HAVE A GREAT YEAR! :D
* Gene Hunt: nice
* DJ Nori: really cool stuff, Hard Ton Remix is Ace!
* Gianluca Pighi: Like the Hacker remix!
* Flemming Dalum: Nice one :-)
* Sam Paganini: Welcome back! Downloading thanks
* Franz Scala: Great release
* Flash Brothers: The Hacker Remix works! Support!
*Tokusaburo Inui: Thanks for the nice sounds!!
* Gianni Crucini - Craxi Disco: love the originals but overall i fancy the hacker remix! good stuff!
* I-Robots: I-Robots approved!
*Sossa: nice release full support
* Christian Cambas: The Hacker remix for me, very very cool
* Troy Pierce: hacker remix is great!
* Mixside: Nice vintage sounds. Electro will survive!.
* Roberto Clementi : I like Hackers's and Hard Ton remixes, will play during my warm-up Thanks.
* The-Zone 88.9Fm Radioshow: Thanks for the music! Support from The-Zone Radio!
* GO!DIVA: Really nice, brings back memories for sure. All great!
* Nhar: Me piace molto, grazie!


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Folk music for the robot generation

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